The Indie.

This review is of the Bumbleride Indie Twin. This stroller is amazing. It’s beautiful, yet rugged and has a storage basket that could hold my extra-large mommy purse! #winning

I wanted to try the Bumbleride Indie Twin because I kept hearing how absolutely amazing it is. Bumbleride has the most vibrant color options for their strollers…they are truly stunning (green papyrus!!). With that said, I ordered it in black. I pretty much order everything in black. I’ll try to work on that…

Anyways, back to the Indie Twin. What I love about this stroller goes beyond aesthetics. It it so incredibly functional and really has everything you need in a side by side double. Bumbleride was more than generous with the canopy design for the Indie Twin. When it’s completely extended, it was nearly touching the footrest! That is AMAZING for cold windy days here in Chicago. Another great aspect of this stroller is that it actually comes with accessories. Straight out of the box you receive 2 bumper bars, a universal car seat adapter (see compatibility chart here), a parent cup holder as well as a safety strap that attached to the handlebar. I mean really, how awesome it that!? It’s not very often you receive so many extras with the purchase of a stroller.

 For anyone who is vertically challenge like myself (and I am sure all of you over 5’2” appreciate this as well), The Indie has an adjustable handle bar. The handle bar actually goes so low, my almost 2 year old was able to push the stroller!

Now with all of this good, there are a few minor issues I had with this stroller. The first being the seat angle. The seats sit at a slight recline which made my toddler a little frustrate. Minor, but still something to consider. Along with the slight angle it sits as, the recline strap is kind of pain. Definitely had to use what little muscle I have to get it back to the upright position after reclining. Maybe this was just my stroller though. Lastly, it’s a little awkward to get into the car once it’s folded. But really, what double stroller isn’t?

All in all – if you are looking for an all terrain stroller that doesn’t feel like your pushing a mac truck, this is your side by side double! Bumbleride is a fabulous company with quality products. You can’t really go wrong 😉


Maximum weight capacity: 90lbs

Stroller weight: 34lbs

12″ air-filled tires

Adjustable footrests

Adjustable Handlebar

5 point harness