Bugaboo Bee3 vs. Baby Jogger Versa

Bugaboo Bee3 vs. BJ City Versa

 A while back when I was looking for a compact single stroller I had tested out the Bugaboo Bee3 and the Baby Jogger City Versa. Here is a side by side comparison of the two – enjoy!

Bugaboo Bee3 – It’s a bugaboo. Bugaboo is all about quality and style! They really make a beautiful yet functional stroller for those looking to spend a pretty penny on a stroller. The Bee3 has a few upgrades to the earlier model such as a slightly heavier frame, larger basket and you now buy the seat fabric & canopy separate which allows you to really customize your stroller. This is a zippy little stroller and so great for moms on the go or city living! There is a full recline and extendable canopy to allow for most protection from the sun. The only real cons with this stroller is that you cannot access the storage basket from the back and there isn’t a peek-a-boo window on the canopy. Those are pretty minor complaints when you look at the big picture. This beauty comes with a pretty heft price tag… It comes it around $569 for the silver frame and does not include the seat fabric or canopy. You would also need to buy any additional accessories separately. If you don’t mind the price tag, this stroller will definitely rock you world! Check it out here


Suitable from birth up to 37.5 lbs

Weighs 19.2 lbs

6inch foam filled rubber tires

Option to parent face or face out

Folded LWH: 35x18x12″

Car seat compatible with adapter

Baby Jogger City Versa- This is a fan favorite in the stroller world! It has an amazingly flat fold – so flat that I was able to shove it behind my drivers seat after too much black friday shopping. It earned some major bonus points that day!!

The Versa has a handlebar that can be adjusted up or down, a very easy to get access to storage basket, great recline options and a more than adequate canopy. Like the Bugaboo, you will need to purchase all other accessories separately. The nice thing about the Versa is that Baby Jogger makes GT wheels specifically for this model which will make is so much easier to push through dirt, grass, snow, etc. Coming in at $229.00, it’s considerably less than the bugaboo and just as great! I really loved using this stroller and highly recommend it. The Versa has been discontinued but is still available for purchase through many sites. Take a look at the Versa here


Maximum recommended weight capacity is 50 lbs

Option to parent face or face out

Strollers folds to 8.5″ in width with seat facing in either direction

All wheel suspension

Peek-a-boo window

Car seat compatible with adapter

Both of these stroller are really great options! Another feature to think about is that you can add a toddler riding board to the back of either one of these and allow your older child to hop on and off while the baby rides comfortable in the seat. You definitely can’t go wrong with either of these strollers, but for a fraction of the cost, the Versa is in the lead.

Until next time….