6 things you want in a stroller…

When I was pregnant with B, I spent hours and hours researching strollers. I wanted something safe and easy. I ended up with a pretty common stroller and I really disliked it. It didn’t have anything I needed! The thing is, I didn’t know I NEEDED these features until I had my son and was a hot mess at all times. I think its safe to say this is when I went to the dark side and my stroller obsession kicked in. So, here is my list of must haves that will hopefully help a Momma to be out there save some time and money!

1. A seat that can face out or parent face. You get so used to seeing your little one in their car seat snapped into the stroller. When the time comes that they can ride in the stroller seat, you will be surprised how sad it makes you that they aren’t facing you! This is a deal breaker on strollers for me until they are old enough to realize they care more about looking out into the world than your face. ha!

2. Full recline. Once your child is in the main seat of the stroller, a full recline is a MUST. Trust me. You will thank me one day.

3. Large canopy! My daughter gets quite angry when the sun is in her eyes. Large sun canopy = happy baby.

4. Easy access storage basket. This is major! Think of how many times you will bend down to get something out of your diaper bag each time you are out. The most annoying thing in the world is trying to yank your diaper bag out of the too small basket you shoved it in. It’s not fun. My favorite storage basket EVER is the one on the Uppababy Cruz. It’s pretty phenomenal and makes life so much easier!

5. Easy fold. Try to find a stroller that does not require you to remove the seat to fold the stroller. This is such an unnecessary step. Especially when it’s raining/snowing or a million degrees out. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

6. One hand push. This is crucial! Test that bad boy out in the store before you buy and make sure you can push it comfortably with one hand. Mommas always need to be able to have 1 free hand in case of emergency…or a latte.

I always encourage anyone to go test strollers out at BuyBuyBaby and see what really fits your lifestyle. There are so many great options out there and something for everyone. Remember to always go for a quality stroller – it’s holding some pretty precious cargo 🙂

Oh Snap.

Those of you that are shopping for a light weight, durable double stroller know that the struggle is real! A very popular, side by side, double stroller is the City Mini Double. I could have played it safe and gone that route, but, I like to be different. Enter the Valco Snap Duo2 – Black Beauty.

Valco really got it right when they came out with this double. It’s perfection! I recently flew down to Orlando with my two little monsters and traveled with my Duo. Hands down made the trip soooo much easier! When you are pushing a stroller, pulling a car seat and traveling alone with 2 kids…you need easy.

The Snap Duo2 has some really phenomenal features. Check out my little list below but click here for their full website!

  • Fast/Flat one hand Fold (locks once folded)

  • Large storage Basket

  • Flat recline

  • Adjustable foot rests (if you recline the seat and pull the footrest up, it almost turns into a bassinet!)

  • 2 independent extendable canopies (with peek a boo windows)

  • 2 Bumper bars (included)

  • Rain Cover (included)

  • Shoulder strap carry

  • Stroller weight: under 24lbs

Like what you’re seeing!? You will love it even more in person. My only real complaint with this stroller is the canopy. It’s large and has plenty of coverage, but I would liked a little more. I feel bad even saying that but I like to keep it honest. Valco is releasing the Tailormade Valco Snap Duo2 which come in Denim Blue and Grey Marle. The Grey Marle is to die for!! I wonder If Valco Baby would accept a kidney as payment…. kidding!!

Be on the look out for the release of the Tailormade and make sure you snatch one up! I promise, you will not regret it.

                                        I just wish I could get everyone to try the Snap Duo2!!