Baby Registry Must Haves

I see this topic brought up ALL the time in the Mommy groups… think back to when you were pregnant with your first baby, and you went to register for all your gear… I remember being SO excited to whip out that scanner and start adding anything and everything to our baby registry! Then, I actually got to the store and was all “What the hell is a NoseFrida?!?! I do what!?”.

   In case you haven’t realized this yet, there is nothing glamorous about pregnancy or those early months after baby is born. I did not experience the pregnancy glow, I gained 60 lbs with B and still looked 6 months pregnant when he was 4 months old! What gives??? Once you have that beautiful baby in your arms, none of that matters and hopefully you will look back on this list and be thankful you read it. I hope.

 Like it or not, having the right baby gear can really make or break you.  I am quite positive I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the Fisher Price Snug A Bunny swing. True story. If I can save just one Mom from making the registry mistakes I made, I will consider this post a win!

1. Aiden and Anais EVERYTHING. Literally register for everything they have to offer. The swaddles are so amazingly soft, the bibs are amazing, sleep sacks are perfect for summer since they are lightweight and breathable. Their products pure perfection and you will fall in love with them!

2. Boon Lawn Drying Rack – Not only is this the best drying rack out there (I know this because I’ve had 4!) but, my Cousin informed me it also perfectly holds a WINE GLASS…. You’re welcome.

3. Fisher Price Snug A Bunny Swing. I know there are tons of swing options out there, but, this thing saved my sanity. My kids would sleep for hours in this swing! I don’t think I could have survived those early months without it.

4. Fisher Price Rock N Play. Register for like 3 of these bad boys! I don’t know what it is about the Rock N Play, but ask any Mom out there and I guarantee this is on their must have list!

5. Diaper Bag – I highly recommend Ju Ju Be’s BFF but, for those of you who like to pack your entire life in your bag, the Be Prepared is where it’s at!  These bags are cute, machine washable and always have a fun little “Mom” pocket to store your sunglasses, keys, wallet, lip gloss, etc.

6. Every Day Stroller – This totally depends on your lifestyle and trunk space. My go to recommendation is, the Uppababy Cruz. I use mine on a daily basis and fall in love with it more every day. Obviously, there are so many options out there when it comes to strollers. Send me a message and we can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle!

7. Light Weight/Umbrella Stroller – If you want to go to Umbrella Stroller route, then you want the Uppababy G-Luxe.  If you want a light weight option with full size stroller amenities, definitely check out the BabyHome Emotion.

7. Infant Car Seat – We loved our Chicco Keyfit 30 and Peg Perego 30-30. A great resource for Car Seat information is Car Seats For The Littles. This group is incredibly knowledgable and can help answer any questions you have ranging from safety to, what the best car seat is for your car.

8. High-Chair Pick a high chair that’s easy to clean. I would stay away from anything white…. trust me.

9.  Infant bath tub – My kids both loved their Fisher Price Calming Waters Vibration Tub. A lot of people will tell you this is not a necessary baby item, but, I beg to differ.

10. Kneeling mat. This is something I didn’t register for and regretted it daily. You would be surprised how bad your knees will hurt after giving your slippery little monster a bath! I remember thinking, why the heck don’t they make something to kneel on!?!  Well they did, I just didn’t know about it. Check out the Skip Hop Moby Bath Kneeler

11. Convertible Car Seat. We use the Chicco Nextfit and Maxi Cosi Pria 70. But again, I am going to recommend the Car Seats For The Littles. I am not even going to pretend that I am a Car Seat Expert.

12. Car Window Shade! Protect those little babies from the sun at all costs.  There will be times when the only 30 minutes of peace you’ll have is when you load up the car and go for a ride to the store.  When B was 6 months old he refused to nap except for in the car.  This was a life saver, especially in the summer.

13. Cloth Diapers. I know it’s not for everyone, and I would have never in a million years thought I would cloth diaper, but I did, and freaking loved it.  FYI for the dad’s, my husband check our faucet and got a small hose that attached to our laundry room sink for easy cleaning.

14. Video Baby Monitor. If you are a paranoid nut job like me, you need to know what’s happening at ALL times. We absolute swear by our Video Monitor and this is a must have!

15. Recliner. We purchased a glider and I regret that decision daily. What you really need is a recliner! You will be spending the next few years with your butt planted in that chair and it needs to be comfortable.

16. Tula Baby Carrier. I apologize in advance for the obsession that is about to take over your life. But Seriously, it’ amazing!

17. Last but not least, make sure you put your Crib and all furniture on your baby registry. Even if you know people aren’t going to make this purchase for you, you will get your registry completion coupon and can put that discount towards your crib, dresser, changing table, etc.

I hope you enjoyed this fun list of must haves! Always feel free to send me a message. I am more than happy to go into further detail about any products listed above.

For more products I love, follow my Baby Registry board on Pinterest

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