Double Stroller Showdown

You don’t realize just how easy it is with one child until you have 2. It’s complete and utter chaos all day. I consider the it a win if we are all alive at the end of the day.

Now that I have 2 little ones that are mobile (pray for my sanity), my double stroller is used more than ever! I’m a big fan of strapping the kids down with a snack so I can get ready to head out the door! They both love strollers as much as I do, so it makes my life a lot easier.

Yep...they are just sitting in the living room while I get ready... HA!

Yep…they are just sitting in the living room while I get ready… HA!

The struggle is real when it comes to picking out the right double stroller. What should you go with? Tandem, Side by Side, Jogging, Light Weight…the options are endless and overwhelming. I have yet to meet someone who only had ONE double stroller. You usually end up with 2, because the first one didn’t work out. If you’ve only had one, you deserve a medal of honor. I want to know how you managed that because I’ve had about 10…no bueno.

There is definitely a stroller for everyone, you just need to do your research. Or let me do the research 😉

Let’s get started!

The Bugaboo Donkey $1348.95 – The Donkey is a great set up for the kiddos. The toddler can face out into the world, while your little squishy newborn is facing you. There are 17 different seating configurations and you can remove one seat, convert the frame into Mono Mode, and you have the most amazing single stroller ever! The Donkey weighs 33lbs which makes it a little heavy to get in and out of the car all day. Pushing the Donkey is a breeze due to the air-filled tires. We took ours to the beach last summer, loaded with one child and all our extra crap, and it plowed right through the sand like a champ. That right there is priceless. I highly recommend taking a look at the Donkey if you are a family in the City and loves to be out and about.

Valco Snap Duo2 $499.00 – $579.00 – Weighing in at just 26 lbs, the Snap Duo2 is perfect for Families on the go. The Snap Duo2 features many recline positions, 2 independent expendable canopy, adjustable foot rests, 5 point harness, large storage basket, 2 bumper bars, rain cover, and nice little pockets behind the seats for each child’s belongings. This is my go to double stroller for running errands and traveling. It’s simple, light weight, and makes my life easier. I love anything that makes life easier.

Mountain Buggy Duet $599.00 – The Mountain Buggy Duet has an extraordinary feature. It’s only 25 inches wide which makes it same width as a single stroller. How cool is that? The stroller itself weighs 34 lbs, offers an easy to reach storage basket, numerous recline positions, large canopy, adjustable handlebar, and all terrain tires. The Duet also has an incredibly easy one hand fold! This stroller is so great for parents who want the ease of a side by side without the added width.

2015 Uppababy Vista $1029.00 – The 2015 Uppababy Vista is pretty much what all parents are looking for. This stroller features a super comfortable toddler seat, updated rumble seat that reclines and can face in or out, HUGE storage basket, adjustable handle, easy fold, and the ability to add a 3rd child with the purchase of the Piggyback, and only weighs 27.5 lbs. If you are looking for a double stroller that can really grow with your family, this is it.

Contours Options Elite $299.00 – The Elite is such a great tandem double stroller that is often overlooked. Contours made some great upgrades to this stroller and it’s worth the drive to BuyBuyBuy to check it out! This tandem offers 2 interchangeable seats, large storage basket with zippers on each side for easy access, upgraded tires for a smooth push, 5 point harness, large canopy that extends with a mesh insert, and tons of seating variations. The stroller folds in one piece (woohoo!) and weighs 38 lbs. Looking for a great every day stroller that won’t break the bank? You just found it.

These are just 5 out of the many options out there! I can help you find the perfect double for you. For a look at some more great options available, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to this subject!

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