Paw Patrol, anyone?

Every once in a while, I find a product that makes me think “Why didn’t I think of that?”.  The Baby Beehaven See n’ Store Stroller Organizer makes you do just that.  It has a spot to hold a Tablet or portable DVD Player!  Genius.  Now, we can watch Paw Patrol EVERYWHERE!

Are you singing the intro song yet?  HA!


I wish I could say all outings with the kids are a piece of cake, but, I would be lying.  I usually look like a sweaty hot mess on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  Sometimes, the Tablet comes out to make grocery shopping or lunch a little easier!  Who doesn’t need that every once in a while? 

This is such a great product with PARENTS in mind.  Thank you for helping us stay sane!


Want more info? Check out the Organizer HERE  featured on the Bumblebean website! They have some of the BEST Baby Products available!

Happy Strolling

Congrats! Here’s your Baby.

I try to think back of what it was like when I held my children for the first time.  That moment is insane, and filled with crazy emotions.  You are so excited, so tired, and so fat.  I was under the impression I would go right back to normal after I had the baby.  Turns out, you still look pregnant. For a while. Who knew!

Anyways, I kind of wish I had kept a note pad filled with what I felt at that moment, and maybe throughout those first few weeks, It was such a blur.  All I remember is severe exhaustion, wearing yoga pants all day every day, and my boobs hurt more than words can describe.

Two friends of mine recently had the most beautiful little babies!  I thought it would be fun to ask them some questions and see what’s going on in their head.  If anything, maybe they can look back on their answers and remember this amazing time in their life that passes too quickly…or, they can show their kids this post when they ask how they entered this world…HA!


Me:  What was the first thing you thought when they handed you your beautiful baby?

Ashley:  That he is perfect & healthy! I was overwhelmed with so many emotions and just kept thinking how blessed my husband & I were.

Liz:  Baby we made it!  I was extremely happy that everything went well and I know this is a TMI, but, I didn’t poop.  I was so worried of the possibility of that happening! I will never forget her little hand touching my face as they put her on my chest and she slowly moved her way down to latch on and eat.  At that moment, I knew that we would forever have a special bond that no one could ever break.  She is my everything, she is perfect!

Me:  Was your birthing experience everything you wanted it to be? Did you have a Birth Plan?

Ashley:  Our birth plan was simple.  I wanted a vaginal delivery if possible, with an epidural.  But, if complications occurred we were good with a C-Section.  Just wanted the best & safest way for our baby & myself.

Liz:  Being a first time mom I had no idea what to expect besides all the stories and advice everyone had given me, but, we all know that not everyone’s experience is the same.  I really didn’t have a plan and just hoped that my baby wouldn’t turn breech, to avoid a cesarean.  I would have to say that I had the easiest and fastest labour I could ever imagine.  I don’t know where all my strength came from since I’m a huge cry baby and I HATE pain…but, I was determined to suck it up.  I couldn’t do it without the help of the epidural and my husband doing the breathing exercises with me.  The joking around of my doctor and nurses, and the amazing ice chips I would eat during my reps of pushing.  It allowed me to stay focused and in less than 2 hours, my gorgeous baby was born.

Me:  On a scale of 1-10, how sleep deprived are you?

Ashley:  As of now 3 weeks in, it varies daily.  Today I am only a 3 since G had a great night and gave us 4 1/2 hours straight sleep, but there are nights where I am a 6/7….. I am getting use to looking like a walking zombie.

Liz:  I would say a 5.  We have our good days where she can sleep without waking up every 2 hours to eat and other days were she won’t go to sleep and is up all night fussy. She’s my little night owl.  But when she sleeps, Mommy and Daddy take advantage and sleep.  She loves sleeping in the middle of us in our bed when we take naps throughout the day.  Once I’m up, I’m up, so it doesn’t matter if she keeps me up or wakes up every 2 hours to eat.

Me:  What baby product have you used the most?

Ashley:  We are loving our Fisher Price Rock N Play as well as the Graco Gliding Swing, Both lifesavers!!

Liz:  Babyganics!

Me:  What stroller did you choose?

Ashley:  We went with the Quinny Buzz which I LOVE.  It rides so smooth and is easy to open and close.  Plus it is lightweight and easy for me to put/take out of car by myself.  Very happy with this choice.

Liz:  Bugaboo Buffalo.  I am so in love with it, there is not one thing I don’t love about it!

Me:  What Car Seat did you decide on and why?

Ashley:  We went with the Maxi Cosi Micro AP.  So far I am happy with this car seat.  I love how light it is and the self wicking fabric which in FL is a must!

Liz:  Britax Marathon ClickTight because it was convertible and after going to see the car seats and asking people for their opinion on the mommy groups I’m in, Britax was one of the best choices for Car Seats and the ClickTight was their new lineup with 12 position harness and 7 position recline.  I also bought the Maxi-Cosi which is the one I’m using. It’s lightweight and it’s easy to snap in and out and adapt to the Buffalo.

Me:  If you had to give a Mommy to be one piece of advice, what would it be?

  2 things I would tell a Mommy.

1.  Get the epidural!! It does NOT hurt and there are no side effects like other people may tell you.  Or at least I didn’t experience them.  The epidural is a game changer once you are experiencing some heavy pain.  Not even your breathing exercises can help you relax!

2.  Take the Birthing Classes.  As a first time Mom, you have no idea what to expect and every family member or friend will always have advice on what to do or how to do things. But, guess what?  Things change over the years. We live in a world of technology and what maybe used to work 10 or 20 years ago, can be different now.  Me and my Hubby learned so much from the classes and by far the breastfeeding was our favorite one.  Trust me, no one is an expert in being a parent and there is no book that can teach you.  You kind of have to figure it out on your own but it doesn’t hurt to gain some knowledge and listen to other parents questions and concerns that maybe you never thought of.

Me:  How many hours do you think you spent researching baby products over these last 9 months?

Ashley:  Many hours & many nights! Being a first time mom I reviewed EVERYTHING and researched for countless hours.  I would definitely say over 300 hours within those 9 months.

Me:  How has your life changed now that you’re a Parent?

  I think life just got 100 times better.  I couldn’t ask for anything else better in this world. Everything is about Isabella.  Yes, it’s not the same as it was before when I could go to the mall and shop until I dropped, go out have dinner and drinks with my hubby or friends, or even travel to Cancun every year but none of that matters anymore.  I look forward to my sleepless nights to seeing my daughter grow… And once she’s older, taking her to all the places we love to visit.

Me:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received so far?

Liz:  Getting an infant car seat.  I was so reluctant about getting one and had chosen a convertible car seat (which I still have).  I didn’t want to be that mom that would be carrying the car seat with me everywhere I went but, it has made it easier to use. Especially since I can adapt it to the stroller.  She loves to sleep in it and as everyone says…Never wake up your sleeping baby!


I totally loved reading the answers Ashley and Liz gave me.  I miss those newborn baby days (except the explosive poops and waking up every 2 hours).  Becoming a parent is completely life changing. It’s so cliché, but, the minute they hand you your baby, nothing else matters!

I am sure we can ALL relate to some of these answers. I was a lot like Ashley, and reviewed EVERYTHING over and over again. It made me feel prepared!  I also had the same fears as Liz when it came to delivery… Who really wants to poop on their adorable little baby!?! But, shit happens. I would know…

Being a Mom is awesome, but also really scary.  You do so much preparation for these little humans.  I was fully expecting a crash course after I had the kids, but, the nurse just gave Brody to me and was all “Congrats! Here’s your baby!”.  Meanwhile, I was having a panic attack because now I had to actually take him home AND keep him alive!!!  The terror.

Obviously, you figure it out and adjust to your new lifestyle.  Life is forever changed, but only for the better!  Ladies, I am so happy for you both! Congratulations on joining the glamorous world of being a Mom! (ps. it’s not glamorous, at all.)

Ashley, if Graham is anything like you, he is going to have the BEST personality ever! He is one lucky little dude to have you as his Mama!

Liz, If Isabella is anything like you, Sal will be working until he’s 100! ha!! I can’t wait to see her grow up and be just as beautiful as her Mommy!

Thank you both, for answering my little questionnaire! Now, go get some rest…or Starbucks!


Happy Strolling!

Doona. Your New Best Friend.

When the Doona was released, I immediately knew we needed to have another child. I mean, really, how awesome and convenient is this!?! A car seat/stroller is pretty life changing and would definitely make like so much easier as a new Mom.


The Doona weighs 15.5 pounds, and can rear face your little one from 4-35 pounds or 32 inches tall. This is a very typical height/weight limit for an infant seat. For reference, my daughter is 11 months old, weighs 22 lbs and is 28 inches tall. When I tried her in the seat, she had room and looked pretty comfortable!

I was really surprised how easy it was to get the Doona from Car Seat to Stroller position. You just pull a lever on the back of the seat, and the wheels pop out! I actually think it’s easier than removing an infant seat from a base and snapping into a snap and go. You eliminate a few steps, and a lot of bulk!

The Doona has a few accessories you can add-on to make it work more like a stroller. There is a snap on storage bag that sits behind the seat to hold all of your necessities, as well as an essentials bag, all day bag, and a few weather shield options. The handlebar is adjustable, but, it might be a bit short for taller parents. The seat itself sits a bit low as once it’s in stroller mode, but I don’t think that’s a big deal. You get a great view of your little cutie while strolling around 🙂

This concept is so amazing for families on the go or urban living. If you take cabs or travel often, this is the PERFECT Car Seat/Stroller for you. The Doona is narrow enough to roll down the isle of a plane and pop right into a seat for safe & easy air travel.

The Doona comes in at $499 ($699 on Amazon), which if you think about it, is pretty comparable to buying an infant car seat and snap n’ go stroller. I think this product is AMAZING and totally worth the price tag.

Here are some specs on the Doona:

Safety: The Doona has a unique “hybrid-like” function and was tested and certified as an Infant Car Seat, a Stroller, a Reclined Cradle (EU), a Hand-held Carrier (US), and approved for aircraft both in Europe and in the US.

Dimensions: Stroller: 32.3′ x 17.3′ x 38.9” Car Seat: 23.6″ x 17.3″ x 26″

What’s Included: One Base

Color Options: Night, Storm, Dune, Sky and Love. I personally tested out the LOVE and it’s gorgeous!!

Weight: 15.5 lbs

Max Weight Capacity: 35 lbs

Max Height Limit: 32 inches

Two base options: Latch and ISOFIX Base

Brake: Easy One Touch Brake and Flip-Flop Friendly

Buy the Doona HERE

If we ever decide to have another child, the Doona will be my first purchase! It’s just too awesome and convenient. It’s definitely a MUST HAVE!

Hope you enjoyed learning more on the Doona!

Happy Strolling

Bend and Snap…4.

I told you the Snap4 was easy to fold. Here’s a little proof!


When my Husband gave the OK to add a new stroller to our fleet (thanks, babe), I knew exactly what I wanted to try. The Valco Snap4.  I’ve eyed this stroller for a while because it has every feature a busy mom like myself, is looking for.  Valco is hard to come by in stores, so, I know my stroller loving Mommas will really appreciate this review 😉

Hope you enjoy!


If I had to describe the Snap4 in one word, it would be “Easy”.  It’s just so freaking easy.  It’s easy to assemble, easy to push, easy to fold (with one hand) and easy to carry (it even has a carry strap).  You all know by now that I love anything that makes my life easier!

I feel like Valco watched Dad’s across the world trying to fold strollers and decided to solve the problem for them.  You guys should really thank Valco 😉

The Valco Snap4 features a lightweight aluminum frame, near flat recline, extra-large extendable canopy with a peek-a-boo window, bumper bar, nice size storage basket that’s easy to access, and my favorite, a child proof harness!!  It literally took me 10 minutes to figure out how to un-clip the harness the first time I used a Valco stroller. Not my finest moment.

Here’s Harper living the life and loving the nice recline!


When I’m looking for an everyday or travel stroller, I want an easy fold, plenty of canopy coverage, something that won’t tip easily, and a nice recline for naps on the go.  The Snap4 hits all of these and more. Let’s talk about the fold for a minute…  Valco has a unique fold that I am kind of obsessed with.  The stroller folds into itself so your seat and fabric are protected.  They call it a clean fold.  I LOVE it!

Check out the photo below comparing the City Mini to the Valco.  Strollers are like my kids, and I don’t like to compare them to one another.  But, sometimes that’s needs to happen to decide what’s right for you…so…


The fold is so compact, I was able to fit the Snap4 behind the driver’s seat of our GMC Terrain. Even when my husband was driving! More room in the trunk for strollers!! #buyallthestrollers


I really love the push and maneuverability of the Snap4. It was a breeze to push through gravel, bumpy Chicago sidewalks, and grass. Brody has become obsessed with this stroller as well, and even at 34 inches tall and 30 lbs, it still kept the same great push. He also seemed comfortable in the seat and had room to grow!

One more awesome feature I want to point out is how upright the seat sits. My kids are super nosey (I wonder who they get that from) and don’t like any sort of recline. I don’t know if they assume I’m trying to get them to nap or what, but, it usually ends in a bad situation.

If I had to change one thing about the stroller, it would be the handlebar. It sits at a really comfortable height for me, as well as my husband. But, I always favor an adjustable handle bar. Definitely not a deal breaker, but still something to consider.For reference, I am 5’2″ on a good day, and my Husband 5″10″.

Ok, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk specs…

Price: $199.00-$279.00 (depends on color and where you order from)

Weight: 15 lbs (lighter than a City Mini or Britax B-Agile)

Max Weight Capacity: 44 lbs

Seat back height: 19.5″

Seat to tallest part of canopy: 26.5″

Seat Dimensions: 13”W x 8.5”D x 19”H

Folded dimensions: 20.5″W x 30.5″L x 14″H

Handlebar Height: 41″

Storage pockets behind seat

Flip Flop friendly foot brake

Valco Sports Pack (Air Tire Kit) <–click here for a super smooth ride

Car seat compatible: more information here

One hand, clean fold.

Includes bumper bar

I want to tell everyone looking for a lightweight stroller, to try the Snap4. Ok, I kind of already do that… 😁 But, I feel like this stroller is overlooked and it’s a totally fabulous option! I know if you try it, you will love it!

If you see us roaming around Chicago in our Snap4, say Hi!

Happy Strolling