That Donkey.

The Bugaboo Donkey. Where do I even start with this one. I begged my husband for a Donkey. I could not sleep because all I could think about was getting a Donkey. I wanted it sooooo bad I even wrote up a contract saying “I will never ask for another stroller again if we get a Donkey”. I’ve had 18 strollers since the Donkey… my poor Husband.


I got the Donkey as our first double stroller. It showed up to our condo in all its beautiful Donkey glory and did not disappoint. Don’t believe all the hype? Well you should. Pushing the Donkey is like pushing around a pot of gold. Everyone stops and asks “what stroller is THAT???” And I would just say nonchalantly, “Oh, this old thing? it’s a Donkey!” Ok, maybe I didn’t say this old thing but I totally acted like it didn’t cost as much as a mortgage payment.


How cute is my Mom?

Let me get back on track here and tell you why the Bugaboo Donkey is totally amazeballs.


1. It goes from an amazing single stroller to an equally amazing double stroller. Many times, you give up features you want in a single stroller when it converts to a double. Not with the Donkey. Anyway you set it up, it’s still riDONKulous. Hehe.
2. Those air-filled tires make this baby push like is gliding on butter. Only have one available hand and are going over crazy Chicago potholes? Have no fear. The Donkey is here.

3. Set up. The seat configurations are so perfect. Each child is comfortable in their own seat. You don’t have to worry about them kicking each other, hitting each other, or fight over who gets to sit in front or on the bottom. They just hop right in and blissfully hold hands while your on an afternoon stroll. Ok, maybe they won’t hold hands but let’s just pretend for now.
4. It’s the Bugaboo Donkey and you need it.

How sweet is this?

How sweet is this picture?

5. Ability to customize. I LOVE decorating my strollers. You can pretty much have anything made these days for your stroller and totally make it your own.

6. Side luggage basket. If you are using the Donkey in Mono Mode, you can use the side luggage basket which is probably the most genius stroller add-on ever. Not only do you have a spacious under basket, but you have the side basket as well. Heading to the farmers market? This is perfect to hold all your goodies. Love. It.

Ok, now for some specs:

Suitable from birth to 37.5 lbs

Stroller weighs 29.2 lbs in Mono Mode and 33.4 lbs in Duo Mode

12″ rear air-filled wheels and 10″ front swivel wheels

Price: Mono Mode: $1329.95 and Duo Mode $1408.95

Bottom line, this stroller is worth every single penny. I promise. If you need help convincing your husband that you NEED this stroller, I can help you out 😉

Inquiring minds want to know…

What made you decide you to buy the stroller(s) you own? Here is why I ask…

I went to the Zoo the other day with both of my kiddos to enjoy a gorgeous day outside. We were our usual hot mess. B fell and cut his knee open, H had a poopslion, and I was looking like a crazy person trying to push the stroller while chasing after my freakishly fast, bleeding toddler. Totally normal day.

Anyways, I am walking around the Zoo, just looking at everyone’s strollers (I’m a weirdo), but this time was a little different.. One Mom stopped me in my tracks. There it was, in all it’s glory. A Bugaboo Buffalo. It literally took everything in me to not walk over and ask her if I can push it around really quick! I know, I have problems. She was looking like a Rock star Mom. Perfectly put together with her perfect little baby, in her perfect little Bugaboo Buffalo. I was instantly jealous….of the stroller. I kept wondering how she chose the Buffalo. Did someone tell her how amazing it is? Did she do a lot of research? Or maybe she just walked into BuyBuyBaby and saw it glowing among all the other strollers and thought, hmmm, let’s get THAT ONE! Whatever the reason, she clearly knew what she was doing.

                                                                              Isn’t she pretty?

When I was picking out my first stroller, I didn’t really know what to get. I ended up with a travel system because that’s what everyone told me I needed. I wanted my baby to be safe at all times and that was my only concern.

Prior to getting pregnant, my major concerns were whether or not taking that last shot of Tequila was a good idea…. boy how times changed… But, you see where I’m coming from. I was kind of clueless.  I had no idea there were so many set ups out there! I was totally content with my stroller until I went to the mall and saw a Mom pushing around a Uppababy Cruz. I stopped, turned around, and went straight into Galt Baby to find it. That’s when I saw the light… So. Many. Strollers. That’s also when my poor Husband lost me forever.

But, back to my original point. What made you choose your stroller? I honestly want to know. This is something that goes through my head every time I am out with the kids. I will see a family pushing around a Bumbleride Indie Twin and think, nice stroller! I wonder what made them choose that….

Send me a message tell me why you chose your stroller. Was it the brand name? Looks? It fit into your trunk? Why???? I need to know.

Bugaboo Bee3 vs. Baby Jogger Versa

Bugaboo Bee3 vs. BJ City Versa

 A while back when I was looking for a compact single stroller I had tested out the Bugaboo Bee3 and the Baby Jogger City Versa. Here is a side by side comparison of the two – enjoy!

Bugaboo Bee3 – It’s a bugaboo. Bugaboo is all about quality and style! They really make a beautiful yet functional stroller for those looking to spend a pretty penny on a stroller. The Bee3 has a few upgrades to the earlier model such as a slightly heavier frame, larger basket and you now buy the seat fabric & canopy separate which allows you to really customize your stroller. This is a zippy little stroller and so great for moms on the go or city living! There is a full recline and extendable canopy to allow for most protection from the sun. The only real cons with this stroller is that you cannot access the storage basket from the back and there isn’t a peek-a-boo window on the canopy. Those are pretty minor complaints when you look at the big picture. This beauty comes with a pretty heft price tag… It comes it around $569 for the silver frame and does not include the seat fabric or canopy. You would also need to buy any additional accessories separately. If you don’t mind the price tag, this stroller will definitely rock you world! Check it out here


Suitable from birth up to 37.5 lbs

Weighs 19.2 lbs

6inch foam filled rubber tires

Option to parent face or face out

Folded LWH: 35x18x12″

Car seat compatible with adapter

Baby Jogger City Versa- This is a fan favorite in the stroller world! It has an amazingly flat fold – so flat that I was able to shove it behind my drivers seat after too much black friday shopping. It earned some major bonus points that day!!

The Versa has a handlebar that can be adjusted up or down, a very easy to get access to storage basket, great recline options and a more than adequate canopy. Like the Bugaboo, you will need to purchase all other accessories separately. The nice thing about the Versa is that Baby Jogger makes GT wheels specifically for this model which will make is so much easier to push through dirt, grass, snow, etc. Coming in at $229.00, it’s considerably less than the bugaboo and just as great! I really loved using this stroller and highly recommend it. The Versa has been discontinued but is still available for purchase through many sites. Take a look at the Versa here


Maximum recommended weight capacity is 50 lbs

Option to parent face or face out

Strollers folds to 8.5″ in width with seat facing in either direction

All wheel suspension

Peek-a-boo window

Car seat compatible with adapter

Both of these stroller are really great options! Another feature to think about is that you can add a toddler riding board to the back of either one of these and allow your older child to hop on and off while the baby rides comfortable in the seat. You definitely can’t go wrong with either of these strollers, but for a fraction of the cost, the Versa is in the lead.

Until next time….