Mixie Bottles. Genius.

There are a ton products out there that are made to make your life easier as a parent. I buy all of these products because I need all the help I can get!  Some products are amazing, others, not so much. The <a href="http://Mixie falls into the rock you world category!

This is why I LOVE Mixie Bottles.

Mixie is probably the greatest invention of all time.  Think of every time you have been at Target (I go to Target a lot if you haven’t noticed), the mall, grocery shopping, etc. and needed to make a bottle.  You have water, a bottle, a container for the formula and then when you go to mix the two, formula spills all over the place.  So annoying!  This also happens to me in the middle of the night and drives me insane.


My life got a little easier the day I walked into Galt Baby and saw the Mixie. This bottle has a compartment for the formula that keeps it safely protected from the water until your ready to mix!  Instead of carrying bottles, water, and formula, all you need to bring with you is a Mixie or two!  I love this.  My diaper bag just got like 2 pounds lighter.

The bottles come in two sizes, 4 oz and 8oz, are dishwasher safe and Bisphenol-A Phthalate and PVC free. That has to be good, right?  HA!  I kid.

Here are some “action” shots of the Mixie…

Although these bottles are kind of pricey, $17.00 for the 4oz and $22.00 for 8 oz, my husband agrees that Mixie is worth EVERY penny!  When I travel with the kids, these are the only bottles I use.  Trying to prepare a bottle on a crammed flight or in a car, with two wild kiddos, is no easy task.  Mixie will save you a lot of time and aggravation, which is why I know they will rock your world!

I know what you’re thinking right now…  So.Many.Pieces. Yes.  There are a few parts to clean, but, have you ever had to use a Dr. Brown bottle?  It’s kind of the same idea. It’s a pain, but you do whatever works!

I highly recommend investing in at least one Mixie so you can see just how awesome this product really is!

Click –> Mixie and let me know what you think! We are a Mixie family for life!

Perfectly Packed

My obsession for purses quickly switched to Diaper Bags when I became a Mom. Like purses, I struggled to keep my Diaper Bag Organized. I loathe digging through a black hole trying to find what I need. So, I perfected my packing skills to make sure I was never frantically looking for a snack ever again. Everything has a place and is easy to find!

If you’re having the same struggles, keep reading…


First, lets talk about what should be in your bag on a daily basis.

This is my master list:

3 diapers for each child


Bib (for Harper)

A + A Swaddle Blanket (These can be used for pretty much anything! love them)




Joovy Dood Sippy Cup (THE best!)

Mixie Bottle

Emergency tantrum snacks

Changing pad

Change of clothes

Here is how I pack my Petunia Pickle Bottom Downtown Tote:

Inside of my Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick Wristlet, I have diapers, Band-Aids, and sunblock. I like to keep the sunscreen in a bag like the BeQuick incase it were to melt/leak. I don’t want to ruin my Diaper Bag!

I use the  Itzy Ritzy Reusable Snack Bag for Brody and Harper’s munchies. I fill it every morning with goldfish or cheese puffs.

I prep a Mixie Bottle everyday because it’s so convenient and takes up less room. The bottle holds the formula in a compartment separate from the water. You just pop a button and shake. Perfectly makes your bottles with no mess! More to come on these little gems…

My emergency snacks are those little Gerber puffs for Harper and fruit snacks for Brody. Sugar is probably the worst thing for a tantrum, but, he loves them. They usually give me 10 minutes of peace and quiet so I can finish grocery shopping.

This is what my bags looks like once it’s packed. The change of clothes and bib are folded on the bottom, aden + anais Bamboo Swaddle Blanket on top, followed by the Be Quick. I try to keep things in order of how I will use them. The bag pictured is the Petunia Pickle Bottom Downtown Tote. It has a pocket for everything which really helps to keep my bag organized.


I love that I can see everything in my bag when I open it. No more digging!

A great thing about keeping your necessities in a Be Quick, is that it makes switching diapers bags really easy! Even if we are just going for a walk around the block, I know that my Be Quick is always stocked and ready to go. I just grab it and were off!

It’s taken me 2 years to perfect my bag. I used to bring 20 diapers, wipes, 3 outfit changes, 5 bottles, blah, blah, blah. Basically, I brought everything we owned wherever we went. To avoid overpacking and weighing down my bag, I always have an extra Be Quick in the car filled will emergency diapers and wipes, and a spare diaper bag with clothes and extra bottles/cups in case of an emergency.

I really love this Petunia Pickle Bottom bag because it’s grey on the inside which makes everything really easy to find and it has a glaze coating on the outside that makes it easy to clean. Keep that in mind when your on the hunt for your next bag!

Hope this helps you stay organized! If you have any great tips, I would love to hear them!

Happy Strolling 🙂

What’s in the bag?

What's in the bag?

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